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Here we hope to keep you up to date with any important news or events, especially in the ‘run up’ to the 2018 Contest

Please note there will only be one street collection at the contest this year. In 2017 we sent donations to Steve Sykes (who is now doing well after a donor was found early in 2018), The Army Benevolent Fund and the Manchester Appeal. We are hoping to do one large charity collection again this year – causes yet to be decided – watch this space!


Also bands should be aware that due to logistics in Delph they should play NO MORE THAN 8 bars before they set off. Thank you for your co-operation.

There will be no buses into Delph from Oldham after 4.00 pm – normal service will not resume until the following day

Bands please note – we have been contacted by PRS who have advised that all competing bands must hold a current PRS Licence

April 2018 – Guidelines for Band Coaches

We would appreciate it if the following could please be taken into consideration to aid the smooth and efficient system at this year’s contest:-

  • The indicated boarding points are for short term parking only and NOT for packing instruments away in the coach lockers – please refrain from opening locker doors at this point.
  • Please allow players to board the coach and then choose either the Denshaw Rd A6052 route or the Delph Lane/A62 route, there will be suitable points further outside the village to pack equipment away.
  • This also applies to bands that intend to stay in the village (for ‘refreshments’) near the end of the evening.
  • Bands wishing to stay must follow the previous instructions, finding a place to park away from the main route through the village. Coaches may then follow the one way system to the A62 and enter the village at the original point of entry. Please note that re-entry to the village by coaches is only advised at Midnight when the contest route is re-opened to regular traffic by GMP.
  • The contest will close when the number of bands waiting dictate i.e. in time for the road to open before midnight. Once the book is closed, no coaches will be allowed through the cross roads and into the village. If any band wishes to stay they will need to find parking on Huddersfield Road away from the road junction.
  • Stoneswood Road – No vehicles should come down Stoneswood Road, there will be a turning point indicated at Knarr Lane. Please adhere to the instructions on the sign for the sake of everyone’s safety.

These guidelines can be used in conjunction with our Schedule Map (see Menu) and will prevent any ‘snarl-ups’ when too many coaches are unnecessarily queued in our narrow streets.  

Grains Road B6197

Despite all efforts to stop traffic and especially band coaches from entering Grains Road at it’s Grains Bar junction with the A627 Oldham Road (from Denshaw), we still experience the odd coach trying this route from time to time. Any band doing so faces disqualification from the contest but also risks this fate:-

grains roadry - Copy

This will obviously be of absolutely no benefit to anyone on Whit Friday evening will it?! (This incident resulted in the village being closed off for at least three hours!)

And Finally…..

By request of GMP, could all visiting band coaches please ‘WATCH YOUR SPEED!’  

(Hopefully our next blog will not contain any mention of coaches!!)