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Contact Details

Please use one of the following contact methods.

Tel: 01457 874354

Mobile: 07742230464/07843082582



Other Details

Contest Venue :

Gartside Street. Delph

Adjudicator :- Mr. Mike Kilroy

We use Twitter – @delphcontest

We will be tweeting our progress soon and at regular intervals up to June, especially should there be any updates on the situation with Coronavirus

On the day we will be tweeting just about everything you need to know!!

Especially how many bands are waiting, how fast we are turning bands round (usually 5/6 minutes per band) and anything we feel bands need to know.

We are instructed by the local authority and GMPolice that the contest must terminate and the route be cleared for traffic by midnight. As such and depending on numbers of band already booked in, our final booking in time may have to be brought forward. The traffic situation will be constantly tweeted from 10.00 pm onwards and bands should be aware of this – a sign will be displayed at the contest entry point (Delph crossroads) informing bands of the situation.